I’ll be adding links to other sites with similar interests over time. Want yours here? Drop me a line!

Email me- cassettearchive at yahoo. co. uk

Chris Coco’s site Well worth a look, stunning photos and all the info you could need…

… also check out Melodica, today’s version of the Blue Room.

Timo’s collection of Nick Abbot sites. Probably one of the first sites I ever visited on the internet back in 1999.

Lots of Mark and Lard afternoon shows here, along with many other Radio 1 bits from over the years.

The Cassette Archive’s Twitter page

Scrawn and Lard, a wealth of information for Mark and Lard fans.

Andy Walmsley’s blog Some great articles on radio here, along with excellent links to peruse.

Turn the wireless on Plenty of good stuff to browse around here!

Kevin Greening site Some excellent old clips here from a much missed man.

Essential mixes for download from 1993 to 2007

Good collection of Mark and Lard sites.

Lots of talkSPORT shows and Mark and Lard archives here.

Learn how to convert your own old cassettes and vinyl with Audacity. It’s a free program and I highly recommend it. Then, come back here and share what you’ve got with me! πŸ˜‰

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