Status update

Ok, I thought it might be useful to put a status update page up, so everyone knows exactly what’s happening with the site. There are a number of steps I need to do to get back to 100% full functionality again.

    1- Find and organise all the back up discs.

Current status: 1% (Basically me looking at hundreds of discs in the corner of the room and going “uuurrgghhh”.)

No mean feat, with over 8000 files all on 4gb dvds and shoved into boxes… unlabelled too (what was I thinking?!?) it will take some time to find stuff again. Combine that with real life and a busy job… well, yup, it may take some time.

    2- Find an easy, safe way of sharing.

Current status: 0% (although I have a few rough ideas.)

I reckon that by the time I’ve found and organised the files, I’ll have a better idea of where we all stand with this issue.

    3- Begin uploading again.

Current status: 0%

At the moment, I am NOT uploading/sharing any files at all.

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8 responses to “Status update

  • adam

    This is not an empty gesture but will sound exactly like one – ‘if there’s anything I can do just let me know’.

    youre right of course and I’m glad youve done what you have…..I’ve downloaded tons of stuff from your site and have them on itunes…I can give you a list…If theres anything I can do with them please dont hesitate.

    • Murun

      It’s nice to know the files are out there at least, safe in the hands of other collectors 🙂

      It’s just tricky to work out where we’re going with the sharing issue right now.

  • kflip

    do you have bbc 6mix 2011-08-07 pretty pleaase?

  • Jay Embery


    Did you ever record PlayTalk, Mike Mendoza, Mike Dickin, Charley Wolf or any other Talksport or Tommy Boyd? It might be that I have these already as mp3’s and could save you time.


  • Jay Embery

    Oh, I downloaded a lot from your site. Do you want them back on DVD?



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