The Cassette Archive welcomes you!

Over 120,000 hits to date!

For more Cassette Archive, visit the Twitter! Follow here.

Currently, there are no files available for download.

Just as I was getting back to uploading massive batches… the hosting site closed down.

With an ever growing number of shows, currently over 8000, this will take an awfully long time to reupload once I’ve found a new home for them all.

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Gradually converting my old cassettes into mp3 for your listening pleasure! View all posts by Murun

7 responses to “The Cassette Archive welcomes you!

  • DuffPaddy

    Many thanks for all these!

    Some great stuff here. Just been loading up on Cutler, Peel, Everett and Mark & Lard.

    • Murun

      Thanks for visiting! As always, some of the quality is a little dodgy from crappy old radios and cassette tapes… but I think, better than nothing! 🙂

  • Simon

    This is an amazing archive, thanks! 🙂

  • J Embery

    Murun, are you after anything in particular? I have a ton of stuff and want to give back


  • Mister Tea

    I loved Radio 1. It held my hand through the minefield of teenage nights. Spent the days waiting for the evening session, then Mark and Lard, then the Breezeblock. Good times.
    Don’t give up, Dude. I know the megaupload thing is a blow, but I’d hate to see these files go for good. ANY way you can think of, for me to help you out, let me know.

  • Sarah

    Unfortunately I got here too late, after the site you had uploaded all you goodies to closed down. I sounded woonderful though. I was hoping that if I asked nicely you would upload some of your God’s Jukebox mp3s for me. Or email them to me or something. Of course I understand you must be busy, and that you must have an incredible amount of backlog now. So I really don’t want to pressure you.

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